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Biocals clothes hangers

Biocals: Industry of plastic products, mainly plastic hangers, established on 1982. First aim was the design and production of plastic toys for 9 years.

On 1991 the period of producing toys came to an end, having left behind a positive mark in the Greek market. During the same period the company was specialized in the designing and production of plastic products for industrial use, which continues until today.

On 1997 the company expands rapidly on the production of plastic hangers, which you can find in our catalogue. Designing and producing of new molds is also developed.

Based on the advanced machinery and mechanical knowledge , with machines types of latest technology, trained staff, adjusted upon the demands of modern producing , born by high competition in Greek and International level, our company stands in premium positions in the Greek & international market.

Our aim is the offer to the market of products of excellent use and quality. The skilled service and attention on the markets needs and trends guarantees the non-stop evolution of our products.

We are sure for your help on preserving this quality standards.

Biocals hangers

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